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Santiago Álvarez messed around with you

The United States government finally left Cuba out of the Ninth Summit of the Americas. Their «reason» is that the State Department (SD) included our country on a list of terrorism promoting nations. Regardless of their own role as terrorists’ mule in Cuba. Then, it is logical that a proposal to remove us from the infamous list should not be discussed since the US government conceals its real effort against Cuba’s commercial and financial activity behind that pretext. These hostile actions aim to generate weariness against institutionality and give way to demonstrations and social unrest. Because their ultimate goal is to bring down the most profound social justice project in the history of the hemisphere: the Revolution led by Comandante Fidel Castro. As simple as that!

VIP terrorist at Los Angeles Summit

Coherent with this logic, an organizer of a terrorist attack would have all accreditation privileges at the Ninth Summit in Los Angeles. We refer to the same man who would have taken the life of a Head of State and of thousands of young Panamanian university students and many militants of Latin American youth organizations gathered there. Otherwise, the State Department would not accredit a Fundación Rescate Jurídico’s delegation at the Summit when its owner is the notorious terrorist of Cuban origin, resident in Miami, Santiago Álvarez Fernández Magriñá.

Santiago Álvarez can bring representatives to the Summit, despite an Interpol’s Red Alert issued against him and a judge order that prohibits him from using the air service within that territory and becoming a U.S. citizen. The U.S. does not include Santiago Álvarez and his Fundación Rescate Jurídico on a list of promoters of terrorism. Neither they block his finances and companies either, although he lends several as a cover for terrorist plans and actions.

Santiago Alvarez cuban american terrorist for whom the state department acted as a mule
Santiago Álvarez Fernández Magriñá during the Fraternal Encounter for Democracy, organized by his Fundación Rescate Jurídico to train agents of change.

Santiago Álvarez: Terrorism against Cuba

We all remember the Santrina (supposedly for marine research, in one of his entities) as the vessel where Luis Clemente Posada Carriles illegally entered the United States, from Isla Mujeres, in Mexico. This operation occurred days after Mireya Moscoso, Panama’s President at the time, ordered his release together with other 3 terrorists. She also reported her collaboration to the Yankee ambassador in her country, i.e., to the State Department. The four murderers (Posada, Pedro Ramón, Guillermo Novo Sampol and Gaspar Eugenio Jiménez Escobedo), materially involved in the assassination attempt, had been arrested (when they were about to place C4 explosives at the University Auditorium in Panama) thanks to the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro’s denouncement, upon his arrival in the country.

state department channeled funds to aid terrorist Santiago Alvarez
Santiago Álvarez Fernández Magriñá next to the Santrina, the vessel used to smuggle Posada Carriles into U.S. territory.

Also, Santiago was very active and involved in terrorist actions against tourist facilities in Cuba in the 90s, which caused damages, injuries and the death of a young Italian man in the Copacabana Hotel. As if that were not enough, in 2001, he infiltrated, through the northern coast of Villa Clara, a commando armed with rifles and C4 explosive charges. According to the plan, they would place the latter, inside tin cans (laticas), at Havana’s Tropicana cabaret.

Backscratching between the state department and terrorism

Is the State Department unaware of Santiago Álvarez’s background and, for that reason, accredits his trainees Felix Llerena and Sissi Avascar Zamora as representatives of the Cuban women and youth? No.

Felix Llerena representa los intereses del Norte
Félix Llerena, prepared by the terrorist Fundación Rescate Jurídico, represents their interests at the Ninth Summit of the Americas.

During 2006 and 2008, SD officials —including the Chief of the diplomatic headquarters in Havana, Michael Parmly, and two Press and Political-Economic Secretaries, respectively— served as mules for the monthly transfer of thousands of dollars from the Fundación Rescate Jurídico to ringleaders and small groups (among them, Ladies in White) in Cuba.
What was the purpose behind channelling funds from the terrorist Fundación to internal opponents? The State Department officials brought money for the so-called dissidents (especially Martha Beatriz Roque, the same who, in 2014, starred in the notorious «avocado hunger strike»), acting as terrorists’ mules. In exchange, they expected references to prove before a judge in El Paso (where Santiago remained imprisoned) that he turned from a terrorist into a civic and peaceful fighter overnight. Thus, the S Department violated provisions of the U.S. judicial system and the Federal Bureau of Investigation itself, which says plenty.

Prof Santiago Álvarez

Continuing this whitewashing tactic, Santiago Álvarez founded a school to train agents of change in the last five years, from which Félix Llerena and Sissi Avascar Zamora graduated with distinction. Angel de Fana Serrano, of Plantados Hasta la Libertad y la Democracia; Ramón Saúl Sánchez, Proyecto Democracia, Juan Juan Almeida and a long etcetera of bandits, sellouts and terrorists have provided pedagogical services to the Fundación’s cadre training center.

aula para formar agentes de cambio
Classroom where the terrorist Fundación Rescate Jurídico, owned by Santiago Álvarez, held courses to train agents of change.

In one of the events of the Fraternal Encounter for Democracy in Cuba, the name given to the Fundación’s courses, Santiago Álvarez said:

«We bring opponents and members of civil society from Cuba. Had them here before it was one week. This seminar is for two weeks. And are together all the time, from different parts of Cuba and different organizations. There are 35 of whom more than 20 are under 30 years old».

Félix Llerena´s role models

Felix Llerena durante encuentro de Fundacion Rescate Juridico
Félix Llerena during the Encounter organized by the terrorist Fundación Rescate Jurídico, where he expressed admiration for the 2506 Brigade mercenaries.

The disciple then, Felix Llerena, representative of Cuba Decide at the Encuentro, said:
«I am young, and I am here because it is really a duty first that I have with my country as a young person. Youth has enormous weight. It always has. It has been the youth that has led the changes in Cuba. The youth went to Brigade 2506 there to the Bay of Pigs. They were the young people who later participated in the different actions in Cuba. They were the young people who also went out in Cuba to form the struggle for human rights. Now it is the young people who take up all this historical legacy. It is the young people who will carry forward what we have to do, which is the present and the future of Cuba, to carry it forward and conquer the true liberation that our people deserve, and we are here preparing ourselves for that».

Avascar´s wish

Sissi Avascar en encuentro de Fundacion terrorist
Sissi Avascar Zamora (Dama de Blanco) during the Encounter organized by the terrorist Fundación Rescate Jurídico.

Sissi Avascar Zamora, a student representing the Ladies in White and Pedro Luis Boitel Party for Democracy, stated:

«Well, I for Cuba, first tell them not to lose hope. That change in Cuba is indeed going to come.»

For his part, Prof Angel de Fana commented:

«Just meeting is good, but also, if we have the opportunity, which Santiago Alvarez gives us, to exchange ideas, to give our experiences. In my case, to talk about political imprisonment. Not only about the coups or the assassinations. But about the principles of keeping the ideas. Of continuing studying and preparing ourselves to build the democracy we have. This is already positive».

terrorists Santiago Alvarez y Angel de Fana imparten clases
Santiago Álvarez Fernández and Ángel de Fana teach classes in their leadership seminar for agents of change agent.

Therefore, besides being unjust, the measure to exclude Cuba is entirely hypocritical and cynical since it is a United States’ decision, whose government and State Department turn these real and visible facts into a tabula rasa. By doing so, they attempt to discredit and, thus, justify diplomatic pressures against the Island.

We go on.

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